Operation RESCUE: Warm Shelter

Dear Mission Friend,

This news of temperatures around ZERO is disheartening because we have repeatedly been sending our rescue teams out to search for the homeless still out in the woods, in abandoned buildings, sleeping in cars, or on the streets. As our teams go out, one thought is in the back of our minds, “We don’t want anyone to freeze to death during this arctic blast of extremely cold weather!”

For the area’s most vulnerable populations, this bitter cold is brutal and dangerous. As you are out and about in the community, please be conscious of those who are homeless. If you see someone panhandling, please let them know there is warm shelter at the Durham Rescue Mission. If you know of anyone who does not have warm shelter, please give us a call at (919) 688-9641. We will not turn anyone away during this frigid weather…even if that means putting more mats on the floor.

This unusually bitter winter weather has increased those coming to us for help…over 400 men, women and children living at the Mission and 60 are sleeping on mats on the floor! Sleeping in a warm building on a mat is much better than sleeping in this cold weather outside.

As you can imagine, our operating expenses are escalating as well! We are seeing an increase in the cost of food, electricity, gas, water, and other expenses, such as hot soup on the stove, clean linens, clean clothing, and hot showers for all of those coming to us.

You have been so generous to help us in the past; and today, we ask you to consider your most generous gift to enable us to provide warm, safe shelter for our neediest neighbors who have nothing. Your gift could help save a man, woman, and/or child from hypothermia and even death!

Please take a moment right now to send your most generous gift.

May God bless you for caring and sharing during this time of need.

Warmest Regards,

Dr. Ernie Mills, Sr.