18 Year Old Homeless Man Finds and Returns $500 Money Order to Grateful Lady

What would you do if you found a $500 money order?  What if you were 18 years old, homeless, and you found a $500 money order?

Who wouldn’t love to just find $500?  Most people would say something like ‘Finders Keepers, losers weepers!”

MoneyMontrez Jefferies, 18 years old and a resident at the Durham Rescue Mission, could definitely use $500, but when he found a money order for $500 recently, he knew he had to do the right thing and return it to the purchaser.

Mr. Jefferies found the money order near the Social Security Building in Durham.  It was lying next to the building.  He thought it looked like a check so he picked it up and took it back to the Durham Rescue Mission where he turned it in to the staff at the Durham Rescue Mission.  Gary Beasley, Director of the Men’s Division at the Durham Rescue Mission, contacted the lady who purchased the money order and arranged for her to come to the Center for Hope and pick up the money order.

Dr. Ernie Mills, CEO and Co-Founder at the Durham Rescue Mission said, “I am so proud of Montrez for his decision to turn in the money order.  I am not sure many people, homeless or not, would have done this act of kindness.  We are so thankful for the change in Montrez’s life since he came to the Durham Rescue Mission.  I am sure the lady who lost the money order is overwhelmed with gratitude for his decision.”

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