Meet the Durham Rescue Mission Staff

The Durham Rescue Mission has been mending shattered lives since 1974, providing food, shelter, clothes, counseling and more to the homeless, addicted and broken men, women and children of the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area. You can contact our main office at 919-688-9641.

Since the beginning, the Lord has brought together a wonderful group of people to serve Him in this mission through administration, management, counseling and other essential roles. Many of our staff members actually joined our team after experiencing a changed life through the ministry of the Durham Rescue Mission.

We are thankful for all the ways we have been blessed by our staff — we truly would not be where we are today without the dedication and hard work of each of them.


Ernie Mills
CEO & Co-founder
Gail Mills
CFO & Co-founder
Rob Tart
Ext. 5033
Cynthia McMahel
Executive Administrative Assistant
Ext. 5036
Sharon Woodard
Administrative Assistant

Accounting, Purchasing, IT, & Food Services

Mike Stephens
Business Manager
Ext. 5051
Marcie Sellars
Ext. 5032
Billy Bullock
Purchasing Agent
Ext. 5031
Jim Cooper
IT Manager
Ext. 5049
John Gatti
IT Assistant
Ext. 5059
Carla Peake
Client & Community Support Coordinator
Ext. 5080
Sandra McHenry
Accounts Payable Specialist

Development & Volunteer

Tony Gooch
Director of Development Operations
Ext. 5048
Kristi Zimmerman
Office Manager
Ext. 5024
David Rayle
Communications, Design, &
Marketing Associate

Ext. 5062
Ernie Mills, Jr.
Stewardship Officer
Ext. 5295
William Henderson
Senior Office Clerk
Ext. 5037
Denise Mills
Administrative Assistant
Stephen Patterson
Volunteer Coordinator


Mike Walker
Director of Maintenance
Ext. 5039
Dave Lowry
Maintenance Supervisor
Good Samaritan Inn

Ext. 5058
Joel Dedic
Maintenance Supervisor
Men’s Campus

Ext. 5115
John Sellars
Maintenance Supervisor
Ext. 5016

Men’s Division

Gary Beasley
Director of Operations
Ext. 5056
Preston Jones
Men’s Director
Ext. 5053
William Blue
Asst. Men’s Director 
Ext. 1030
Lynn Holloway
Men’s Director of Education
Ext. 5029
Aaron Gamble
Ext. 5041
Hugh Zimmerman
Ext. 5030
Melvin Wrenn
Ext. 5066
Don Woodard
Ext. 5035
Norvel Lewis
Ext. 5015
Rich Carr
Thrift Store District Manager

Women & Children’s Division

Lois Cooper
Director of Women’s Division
Ext. 5050
Carol Alcorn
Women’s Director of Education
Ext. 5020
Millicent Thomas
Women’s Encourager
Ext. 5042
Karen Salina
Ext. 5045
Melissa Kopp
Daycare Director
Ext. 5052