Volunteering with the Durham Rescue Mission

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer at our Durham, NC homeless shelter!

If you are ready to give back to the Triangle community by volunteering with the Durham Rescue Mission, please explore our individual and group volunteer options below.

Learn About Volunteer Opportunities

Durham Rescue Mission Volunteer Guidelines

The Durham Rescue Mission has a number of guidelines in place to make your experience as a volunteer a smooth and enjoyable one.

We want you to always feel comfortable during your time volunteering at the Durham Rescue Mission. Please report any problems, injuries, or infractions of the rules by residents, staff, or other volunteers to a Volunteer Coordinator.

Types of Volunteers

Adults/Group Members

  • Be respectful and do not tamper with others’ personal belongings.
  • Wash hands frequently and wear gloves while handling food.
  • Follow staff members’ instructions.


  • Back to School 2Stay within the designated service areas of our campus, with an adult, at all times.
  • Be accompanied by their parent or guardian in any of our buildings.
  • Be respectful and do not tamper with others’ personal belongings.
  • Be respectful of those who are working and/or sleeping; while inside, please walk and talk softly.
  • Don’t be in food prep area or near cooking equipment.
  • Wash hands frequently and wear gloves when handling food.
  • Follow staff members’ instructions.
  • Download and print out our Volunteer Release Form for Minors. Please complete this form and bring it with you, to turn in, when you come to volunteer.


  • Keep track of all group members.
  • Make members of your group aware that they should not leave the campus alone.
  • Let your group members know that bathrooms are available in the Center for Hope on the Men’s Campus and just off the lobby of our Women’s and Children’s Campus.
  • Let group members know the importance of washing their hands and wearing gloves when handling food.
  • Remind members of your group to stay with their group. No one is to be alone with a member of the opposite gender.

Dress Code

Easter VolunteerThe Durham Rescue Mission is a faith-based ministry on a co-ed campus. For this reason, we enforce a number of clothing standards for our staff, residents and volunteers:

  • Clothing must be modest, loose fitting, and appropriate for the assigned tasks. Please refrain from wearing spaghetti strap tank tops, shorts that come above mid thigh, anything revealing under garments, and low cut neck tops.
  • Undergarments must be worn.
  • Clothing must be free of obscene pictures, language or advertisements.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times and should be appropriate for the assigned task. *Please do not wear open toed shoes.*




the mended life of walter cole
I had tried everything but God to overcome my addictions. Then I was referred to the Durham Rescue Mission.
a blessing for Karen Ramsey
When I came to the mission, I was broken mentally, physically, and spiritually. I was blessed to go through the Victory Program.
Mike and Rebekah: Repairing Relationships
We have mended relationships and have been changed through the help of the Godly counsel and staff here.
encouragement from Shaunda
I encourage anyone who is struggling with addiction to consider coming to the Durham Rescue Mission.